An Inspired Collection of
Vertical Workspaces

An Inspired Collection of
Today’s Workspaces

DesignHive is an innovative and forward thinking spec suite design product Brookfield created to meet the changing needs of modern space users. Designed by leading architectural firms, each suite showcases a next generation work environment. DesignHive offers immediate leasing and move-in opportunities for smaller tenants, and serves as a catalyst and experiential idea generator for all tenants exploring progressive workplace solutions.

Our inspired collection crafts a new vision for what office space can be and raises the bar for market-ready workplaces. DesignHive demonstrates Brookfield’s understanding of how a broad spectrum of tenant categories can thrive in a vertical environment, elevating its portfolio above the competition. The aspirational designs created within DesignHive raise the cachet for officing in a Brookfield building. DesignHive is the standard by which similar office options are measured.

DesignHive resonates across all tenant categories, broadens the spectrum of potential tenants, accelerates leasing velocity and thereby increases the value of the Brookfield portfolio. DesignHive by Brookfield is the brand standard for progressive, visionary work environments.

DesignHive Los Angeles

DesignHive Houston